Taking care of your parents, grandparents or any disabled family member can be a daunting task but this task has become simpler thanks to the CDPAP.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) was created in 1992 to help those who need home care choose who exactly provides this care, with the option of using a family member, friend or neighbor. Since then many have joined the program with great success.

The Benefits Of Using CDPAP


Choosing Someone You Trust: Allowing someone you trust to take care of your healthcare needs is the biggest benefit for those in the program. Sometimes having a stranger take care of you can be uncomfortable, and they may not provide the best care. This can be avoided as you can hire a family member or friend with NO MEDICAL EXPERIENCE.

Completely Free: You don’t have to fork out any of your own money to join the program. Instead the program is covered by medicaid. Meaning your loved one not only gets paid to care for you but that payment won’t cost you a cent.

Total Control: You get to vet and monitor the assistant and are no longer at the mercy of an agency. You can also train the assistant to take care of your needs and can include personal care and medical care into your assistants duties. So if you need someone to give you insulin shots, take you to your doctors appointments as well as get the groceries you can require that assistants do all these tasks.

Joining The Program


Who Qualifies For CDPAP?
In order to qualify for the CDPAP you need to meet certain criteria. Firstly you need to require home care or home assistance for your ailments. This needs to be verified by a doctors certificate. Adults as well as children can benefit from the CDPAP and it’s best that you contact us if you’re not entirely sure if you qualify.

How Do You Register For CDPAP?
Well the easiest way to register is by joining an enrollment agency like ours. We offer step by step support that cover all aspects of the program. However you need to need to qualify for medicaid in order to be eligible to join this program.

Who is Eligible To Be a Caregiver or Assistant in the Program?
Anyone over the age of 21 can become a caregiver or assistant in the program. However spouses and parents (of minors) are excluded from becoming assistants. You can also choose to hire a previous aid that has worked for you and won’t be required to pay them directly.

Now elderly and disabled individuals have a way to effectively manage their own care with the CDPAP. To enroll be sure to give us a call on 347-985-3863 and we’ll gladly help you join the program and help your chosen assistant join and get all the benefits our program offers them.