Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

About The CDPAP



The CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) was created to allow individuals who need care to be able to choose their own caregivers or assistants. These care givers are paid and do not need any formal training. They are either hired by the consumer or those who have taken responsibility for the consumers medical needs (if the consumer is unable to do so)

About Us


Priority Cares Home Services is based in New York and we serve those in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester and Staten Island. We are dedicated to helping those in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program receive the very best care.

We’ll help their designated loved one, trusted friend or neighbor become registered for the program so that they can start administering the necessary care. We’ll help with ongoing support and information as the consumer needs it and we’ll ensure that the aid/caregiver is paid on time.

We’ll assist you with the following:
1. Checking Your eligibility for the CDPAP
2. Choosing and registering your designated aid
3. Completing the necessary paperwork

Using our services also allows your chosen aid to get registered fast and easily, simply having to fill in our online form to get the process started. Once the form is completed we’ll be in contact to help them register. Our process is simple, convenient and puts the power back in the hands of the consumer. That is why many choose our CDPAP services.
For more information on the CDPAP go to our FAQ page or Contact Us now.

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For any questions, please send an email to intake@prioritycareshs.com or call 347-985-3863 24/7, a specialist is ready to talk with you. Always there to care.