What Is The CDPAP?

The “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program,” or CDPAP is a program that allows recipients to take control of their medical needs. The CDPAP gives recipients the control to personally manage their care from home, allowing them to hire, supervise and instruct their assistants.

Do I Qualify To Join The CDPAP?

Any individual already receiving assistance through an agency may qualify for the CDPAP and start taking control of who administers their care. This includes those who need home care assistance, and are on medicaid.

What Documents Will I Need To Enroll In The Program?

You will need the following to become registered as a recipient:

a)physical examination from your doctor
b)social security
c)State ID.

What Kind Of Care Can Be Provided By An Assistant?

Most common services include housework, personal care, primary medical care and specialized interventions such as injections.

How Can I Become A Family Members Aid Or Assistant?

If your family member is eligible for CDPAP, we can help you become registered as an aid/assistant so you can start taking care of them. We’ll walk you through the process and get you set up.

Am I Eligible To Be A Family Members Aid Or Assistant?

If you’re over the age of 21 and not the consumers spouse, guardian or designated representative you may become their aid.

Do All Aids, Assistants Or Caregivers Get Paid?

Yes, all registered aids will get paid. Priority Cares will help in this process to make it easier for the designated aid or assistant.

Who Will Pay For The Service?

Medicaid will pay for this service and your caregiver. We will act as intermediaries and manage all payment procedures as well as tax obligations. Also, we have monthly reward programs, and we will give you all the information if you contact us.

I Am Married To The Recipient, May I Be Their Caregiver?

Unfortunately those who are married to the consumer may not become their aid. Only other relatives, family members, friends, neighbors and previous caregivers can become assistants in the program.

Are Aids/Assistants Allowed To Take Leave Or Vacation Days?

Yes. The individual whose aid or assistant you are will keep a log of your working hours and allow you to take leave and vacation days as necessary. Choosing an agency like Priority Cares will make it easier as we’ll handle the necessary paperwork and ensure you get leave and vacation days as you’re permitted to.

Why Do I Need The Help Of An Agency Like Priority Cares?

Priority Cares Home Services helps those who are receiving care as well as their caregivers. We assist with paperwork, ensure aids get paid on time and give ongoing support to all our clients.

Will Priority Cares Help Me Become Registered As An Assistant?

Yes. All you need is to provide us with some information and we’ll get the process started so you can become a caregiver as soon as possible.

Do I Need Any Formal Training To Become An Aid, Assistant Or Caregiver?

No. All training will be conducted by the consumer in question. If you need any additional training or assistance we can help with that and arrange it, so you feel confident that you’re giving your loved one the best possible care.

How Can I Access The Program?

To get started on the CDPAP as a recipient or as an assistant, contact us via e-mail, our contact form, or call us on 347-985-3863 and we’ll explain the process in detail and clarify any questions you may have.

Contact Us Now To Get Started.

For any questions, please send an email to intake@prioritycareshs.com or call 347-985-3863 24/7, a specialist is ready to talk with you. Remember that we’re always there to care.