By getting old loneliness is natural in everyone’s life. But after a particular age, the loneliness grabs us so tightly and bends us down especially in old age. The physical and mental state of a senior person is quite different from a young age person. In some cases, seniors act as if they are all right because they are familiar with the tough realities of life but that is not the fact. From the inner side, they are lonely and depressed, which bends them down so much. This loneliness is not only sad for the seniors but also it becomes dangerous for their mental state. Seniors who are dealing with isolation have a great risk of depression and other mental disorders. For these reasons, companionship; who will be with them, who will care is a must for seniors at least for their mental health.

Value of companionship for seniors- Besides physical considerations, mental illness is a great issue in seniors that should be solved with care. Most of the seniors relish the company of their family and friends and that is why companionship has always great value on the person’s life and his or her physical and mental health as well. A proper companionship allows a senior to spend quality time with his/her family that makes them feel happy and secured.