Black Neckband Crime: Evangelical Pastor Tommy Newberry Sentenced so you can Fifteen years Having Gender Crimes

Last Saturday, Tommy Newberry, pastor from Yellow Creek Church from Goodness, Buckatunna,Mississippi pleaded bad so you can first degree and you may second degree sodomy. Considering news reports, Newberry intimately attacked six men in the church – decades 11 in order to ten.

The former pastor at a great Wayne Condition church features pleaded responsible in order to five crime fees he sexually abused multiple underage men.

Tommy Joe Newberry is actually sentenced to 15 years within the Washington Condition, Alabama. Newberry is the former pastor on Red Creek Church off God near the Alabama/Mississippi state range. Washington County secretary area lawyer Bill McCorquodale says to Newscenter 11 you to Newberry are sentenced so you can 15 years into the a couple of crime first degree sodomy fees and you can a decade on the a few crime second-degree sodomy charges. The individuals fees is going to run concurrently, thus he’s going to suffice a maximum of fifteen years.

Regulators said they felt this new intimate punishment took place over the direction of a lot many years, starting since 2003. Investigators accused Newberry away from mistreating at least half a dozen underage boys.

Pastor Newberry and you can congregation desires give you an individual invite to join united states within our properties. Our Objective Report: Getting Pentecostal into the Faith, Holiness in daily life, and Evangelistic during the outreach. To include spiritaul recommendations and you may revival for the church members of the family and you may become recognized in the neighborhood since an area where it can find methods to its strongest demands through Goodness CHRIST! Please contact us at xxxxxxxxx otherwise phone call Pastor Newberry and you may personnel on chapel.

Franklin Graham Whore-Shames Kate Middleton To possess Going Unclothed on the Personal Beach

” data-image-caption study-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”kate middleton” width=”900″ height=”505″ data-lazy-srcset=” 900w, 300w, 560w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px” data-lazy-src=”” srcset=”″>Actually SprГіbuj tych out ever the fresh voyeur, Evangelical society warrior Franklin Graham grabbed so you can Fb to help you whore-guilt Duchess Kate Middleton to possess affect their tits on the a personal French coastline. Photo of your unclothed Middleton have been made public into the 2012 from the French magazine Nearer in place of their consent. Middleton and her spouse, Prince William, has recorded a great $1.six million match against Nearer and you may regional papers La Provence to possess violating the privacy.

Inside the , my partner and i thought that we could visit France for most weeks into the a secluded property owned by a good person in my family, which means see all of our privacy. We all know France together with French, and we also remember that he is, in theory, respectful of personal life, including that its visitors.

Graham, feigning empathy for Prince William and you can Kate, used the citation of the confidentiality since a good pretext so you’re able to preach the fresh new Evangelical gospel of “Zero Chest Welcome.”

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What is actually having Evangelical preachers in addition to their obsession with and fear of ladies chest? Try breasts the reason Franklin’s Father, Billy, would not feel alone which have one lady who was perhaps not his girlfriend? Billy’s zero-boobs-enjoy rules – known as Billy Graham Rule® – try accompanied by countless Evangelical preachers and you will men weaklings. Vice-president Mike Pence made the news months back when it turned recognized that he too followed the new Billy Graham Laws:

“From inside the 2002, Mike Pence advised The fresh new Mountain which he never takes alone having a lady other than their girlfriend and that the guy wouldn’t sit in situations presenting alcoholic beverages without the girl from the his top, either.”

Shame this type of pathetic, weakened boys exactly who can not keep the brains in check while in brand new proximity of females exactly who won’t don Evangelical burkas. I have written before on this: Several other Illustration of Evangelical Fear of Ladies Boobs and you may Clay Yarborough together with Evangelical Anxiety about Breasts.