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Patient Care Assistant

Patient Care Assistant Provided by Priority Cares

For those in New York City who require basic sociability and supervision of their safety and wellbeing, Priority Cares offers in-home care assistant services.

A wonderful way to expose them to in-home care services is through care assistant services.

Why choose Priority Cares for Patient Care Assistant

All people, regardless of age, need to communicate. Remoteness, indifference, and despair are caused by a lack of socializing. Seniors who live alone frequently experience feelings of abandonment and depression as a result of their isolation from social interactions and the outside world. They frequently need continuing in-home help with routine daily duties as well as emotional support.

Our patient care assistant service in New York City is designed to safeguard the emotional stability and mental health of your elderly loved one. Our carers will build friendships and relationships built on trust with your elderly loved ones or disabled folks by spending time with them. The people you care about will feel happier, more engaged, inspired, and more confident, which will allow them to develop closer relationships with their family members as well.

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Services that you need!

Services provided by Priority Cares

  •    Giving emotional support, company, and friendship
  •    Assisting individuals in maintaining communication with friends and family
  •    Accompanying customers to social and recreational events
  •    Teaching/doing meal preparation and planning
  •    Help the client to take their medication
  •    Advising a client to begin or complete their meal

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How to Initiate the Process

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  •    Administer Payroll and Checks
  •    Provide Ongoing Support and Information

  718 400 6166

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