Posted: October 12, 2023

Benefits of a Cloud Based Storage System

Cloud-based storage systems can be useful for numerous reasons. Whether it’s an individual who wants to save images in a personal cloud or an enterprise looking to keep years of financial data in an encrypted database. The key benefit is that the data isn’t locked to a specific place and is accessible across multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones without the requirement of a download or installation.

Cloud scalability, which enables you to add more storage disks or virtual machine instances to your cloud infrastructure, is a further benefit. This will improve performance for workloads and apps which require large storage capacities and low latencies. Likewise, it’s easy to reduce storage and resources capacity when you aren’t making use of them, which can result in savings in cost and operational expenditure.

Security is the most important factor when you evaluate cloud storage. Data is secured from unauthorised access by encryption and authentication. Most service providers offer both physical and electronic audits to ensure data integrity.

A multicloud storage model is a further key feature that allows your business to make use of multiple cloud environments to support various workloads and applications. This provides a level of resilience and redundancy in the case of one cloud platform failure or incident. It also protects your business from losing crucial data and being impacted by ransomware. A lot of premium support plans include an account manager that can assist you in resolving issues and establish connections.