Posted: October 26, 2023

Board Meeting Software – What Are the Best Features of Board Meeting Software?

Board Meeting Software is a tool that lets directors access all the information they need prior to a meeting, in contrast to a paper-based approach. This includes a variety of documents such as agendas, board packs, minutes presentations, and other crucial documents. This allows attendees to maximize their meeting without having to flip between pages of documents.

Additionally, a great feature of these tools is that they can also be used to collaborate on documents with other members. This means that a member from Chicago and their CFO in New York can work on the same board advance equity document at the same time which can increase efficiency. The documents can also be accessed on any device. This means that a director is able to be able to contribute and review the document even if they are on the move or attending a meeting away from the office.

These tools also let you electronically sign documents during meetings. This is particularly useful for remote teams where approving documents physically can be a challenge. This is a great way to improve the transparency of the voting process.

It can be difficult to choose the best board management software due to its many features. Pick a program that can meet the requirements of your company and your directors. Also, look for a demo or a free trial that lets you test the software before making a final decision.