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Nursing Home Transition and Diversion


The NHTD waiver program is a home and community-based program that helps New York ́s Medicaid-eligible seniors and people with physical disabilities receive comprehensive services they need while they live in a community-based setting, rather than in a nursing home, congregate care setting, or other institution.

The individual is the primary decision-maker and works in cooperation with providers to develop a Service Plan. This process leads to personal empowerment, increased independence, greater community inclusion, self- reliance, and meaningful productive activities.

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Community Integration Counseling (CIC)

It is a counseling service provided to the waiver participant who is coping with altered abilities and skills, a revision of long term expectations, or changes in roles in relation to significant others.

The need for CIC could occur at the time of transition from a nursing home or at various times during the participant`s involvement in the NHTD waiver. CIC services are primarily provided in one-to-one sessions. The counselor also works with a person’s other service providers to maximize the entire recovery process.

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  •    Service Coordination
  •    Independent Living Skills Training Services
  •    Home Community Support Services
  •    Structured Day Program Services
  •    Community Integration Counseling
  •    Positive Behavioral Interventions and
  •    Support
  •    Respite Services
  •    Environmental Modifications
  •    Community Transitional Services
  •    Congregate and Home Delivered
  •    Meals
  •    Home Visits by Medical Personnel
  •    Nutritional Counseling/Educational
  •    Services
  •    Wellness Counseling
  •    Assistive Technology
  •    Respiratory Therapy

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