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  Posted: October 26, 2023

Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting


Board meetings, whether they are held in person or via videoconference, should be focused on creating action items and deciding. The best way to do this is to follow some simple board meeting guidelines.

Before any official business is discussed, it’s important to ensure there’s an adequate quorum. This is typically stipulated in the bylaws of an entity, and requires a call in order to confirm that there is enough people in attendance to vote.

The chair will then ask if there are any corrections or additions members would like to add to the minutes of the previous meeting. If there are none they can be approved as written.

After the old business is settled, you can start new business. The board must go through the agenda item-by-item allowing time for discussion and voting. Ideally, matters for decision should be scheduled prior to the beginning of the meeting. This is due to the fact that discussion and analysis of these issues took place in previous meetings, on board calls, or perhaps one on one with individual directors.

To ensure that the meeting is kept moving it is essential to establish clear rules of etiquette regarding speaking time. For instance, directors must not speak until after the speaker has finished. Also nobody should interrupt another speaker regardless of the importance of their topic. Consider deferring a subject to the next meeting, or scheduling an interlude call. This will allow you to cover it in a shorter period of time.