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  Posted: August 1, 2023

National Health Center Week: Celebrating the Essential Role of Community Health Centers

Priority Cares  is proud to join the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) in celebrating National Health Center Week (NHCW). This special week recognizes the significant role that health centers play in promoting accessible and high-quality healthcare for individuals and communities across the nation. We are excited to highlight the significance of National Health Center Week, dive into the valuable services that health centers provide for the public, and help understand the high-quality effort of the diligent staff within the health centers. 



What is National Health Center Week? 


National Health Center Week is an annual celebration that aims to raise awareness about the accomplishments of community health centers all around. This week showcases honor towards the contributions of health centers in expanding access through cost-effective healthcare services for individuals regardless of their ability to pay. This week-long event also takes the appreciative time to recognize the hardworking healthcare professionals, staff, and volunteers who dedicate themselves to improving the health and well-being of their communities.



How do health centers have a role in the community? 


Community health centers (CHCs) are non-profit, public health-oriented organizations that provide a wide range of primary care and preventive health services to people of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay. CHCs are located in medically underserved communities, and they often serve people who are uninsured or underinsured. CHCs promise a guarantee of always serving the community and taking the attentive care to ensure needs are always met by everyone. 


In 2021, CHCs provided care to over 30 million patients. They also provided over 1 billion preventive services, such as vaccinations, screenings, and health education. CHCs are a vital part of the American healthcare system, and they play a critical role in improving the health of our nation.


Here are some provided ways of how centers take the time to ensure a better future for their patients:



    1. Providing access to quality, affordable health care: Health centers are committed to providing care to underserved populations, including low-income individuals, uninsured or underinsured individuals, and those living in rural or medically underserved areas. They strive to take the initiative to eliminate barriers within the healthcare system by offering affordable services with sliding fee scales.

    1. Accessible Services For All: CHCs offer a wide range of primary care and preventive health services, including medical, dental, and mental health care. They also provide specialty care, such as prenatal care, pediatric care, and care for people with chronic diseases. These services are designed to address the diverse needs of individuals, ensuring holistic care for both physical and mental well-being.

    1. Improving Community Health: CHCs work to improve the health of their communities by addressing social determinants of health, such as poverty, housing, and transportation. They also provide health education and outreach services to help people make healthy choices .Furthermore, they offer health education and outreach programs aimed at empowering individuals to make informed and healthy decisions.
    2. A Diverse Workforce: CHCs employ a diverse workforce of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and social workers. They also provide training and education opportunities for health care professionals, helping to build a stronger health care workforce for the future. By building strong relationships with community members and organizations, health centers can develop targeted programs and initiatives to improve health outcomes and promote wellness.

Why National Health Center Week Matters?


Priority Cares is proud to partner with community health centers in our community. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care, and we are committed to working with CHCs to make that a reality. In addition, we want to highlight the importance of the mental health of health center staff, and the patients within them included. By shining a spotlight on the challenges faced by underserved communities and the positive impact that CHCs have on closing the healthcare gap, NHCW helps to foster a better understanding of the vital role that these organizations play in our healthcare system.



    1. Celebrating Achievements: This week allows us to recognize and celebrate the exceptional work of health centers, their staff, and volunteers. It is an opportunity to honor their dedication and commitment to improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities in our communities.
    2. Empowering Patients: National Health Center Week empowers individuals to take control of their health by informing them about the resources and services available at health centers. It encourages patients to seek preventive care, prioritize their well-being, and become active participants in managing their healthcare journey.
    3. Advocacy and Support: The week also serves as a platform for advocating for policies that promote and sustain the mission of health centers. It encourages individuals, organizations, and policymakers to support funding and legislation that strengthen health centers and expand access to quality care for all.

Priority Cares: Putting the Community First


Through hard work and impeccable skill, we are able to efficiently recruit and place remarkable nurses, therapists, aides, and more in healthcare facilities across the boroughs. Our successful placements help facilities provide constant care for their clients 24/7, 365 days in a year. Our attention to detail, agile screening and recruitment processes, industry know-how, and commitment to excellence make us your business’s best advantage. We could not have succeeded as much as we did without our amazing recruited staff who have always put their time to put the community’s needs first. 

We are passionate about our work and we are committed to making a difference in our community. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and we are proud to play a role in making that happen. This is why we are so committed in showing community health workers the appreciation they deserve during this week as our staff deserve the same treatment. 



As National Health Center Week continues, Priority Cares proudly joins the celebration by recognizing the incredible contributions of health centers across the nation. We applaud the dedication of healthcare professionals, staff, and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide comprehensive, accessible, and patient-centered care. This week provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness, celebrate achievements, and advocate for the continued growth and success of health centers. Together, let us strive towards a healthier and more equitable future for all. NHCW is a great opportunity to learn more about the important work that CHCs do and to show your support for these organizations. We encourage you to learn more about National Health Center Week and the important work of community health centers.



You can learn more about NHCW and CHCs by visiting the following websites:


Thank you to all of the community health centers including the staff, volunteers and many more involved who are working to build a healthier community one step at a time!