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  Posted: October 17, 2023

Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

As you would expect, the operating system on the iPhone and iPad, iOS, is immune to the majority of viruses and malware. Even the most secure devices are susceptible to cyber-attacks. It is important to know the best antivirus apps for iPhones and how to secure your phone.

Apple’s iOS, unlike Android it is protected by strict security measures and is sandboxed. This makes it extremely difficult to infect yourself with viruses on an iPhone or iPad even if it’s jailbroken. Antivirus for the iPhone isn’t really needed unless you are using a jailbroken device, because malware can only be distributed through apps. The apps are already tested before they are approved to be published in the App Store.

The top iPhone antivirus provides numerous internet security features that protect your device from phishing, spam calendar invitations, adware, browser trackers and data-stealing programs. Some of the most trusted antivirus providers offer parental control tools to improve the functionality of Apple’s iOS parental controls.

Norton For instance, it offers advanced antivirus software for both iPhone and Mac that incorporates multiple features to ward off infection. It comes with a virus scanner and firewall, web protection and VPN. It also scans the dark internet for personal data that hackers could take from your device, such as passwords and bank information.