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  Posted: October 18, 2023

Board Portals for Meetings

A board portal or board management software provides administrators and directors with a secure digital space to communicate and collaborate. It also lets them fulfill their governance responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

The primary function of a portal for boards is to facilitate paperless meetings by providing an online repository for documents on the board, including an electronic signature, voting, and the managing meeting minutes. Board portals also help to protect the information by providing an audit trail of every activity and ensuring that only authorized users have access to confidential data.

Another important function is the ability to simplify meeting preparation by sharing digital boards with all participants. This enables better planning and discussion, and also cut costs associated with printing and mailing materials. Additionally that changes can be pushed instantly and updates are visible to all members in real-time.

A board portal can improve the onboarding of new directors by giving the directors access to discussions from the past and important background information. This can help them take part in the meeting more quickly and ultimately provide more effective corporate governance to the company.

It is important to consider how the board portal will affect the culture of the company and meet its particular needs when selecting one. It’s important to involve participants in the selection process early to allow them to give feedback and address any concerns. This will ensure a smooth implementation and reduce the likelihood of misalignment with existing business procedures.

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