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  Posted: October 23, 2023

Safe Board Meetings – Organizing Effective Online Board Meetings


As schools are preparing to resume meetings in person, it is essential that districts create safety plans to ensure the safety of all attendees as well as the effectiveness of the meeting. The last thing you want is a frustrated parent lashing out at school administrators or community members disrupting the board meeting by launching a protest. This article will show you the steps to create safety plans that will protect school staff, board members, and students alike.

The process of arranging a board meeting can be a lengthy process. It is necessary to collect and consolidate the input of all board members, choose the best time and date that is acceptable for everyone, set up an area, and develop an agenda that will increase efficiency and productivity. Luckily, thanks to digital tools, arranging secure and efficient online board meetings has never been more simple.

Boardable’s boardroom online makes it easy to share presentations, documents and other records with the click of a button. Attendees are able to review and comment on the materials, even if they do not have internet access. The changes will automatically sync when the participants return to the boardroom.

Keep your meetings on track by clearly defining the ultimate purpose of every item on your agenda. This will allow your board members to stay on track, and also avoid the temptation of pushing irrelevant topics that could consume valuable time during meetings. For instance, instead of focusing discussions on field trip approvals or textbook purchases, shift these items to the “parking lot” part of the agenda so they’re out of the way prior to getting to the more urgent discussion topics.