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  Posted: October 23, 2023

Secure Software Tips for Software Engineers

Information at the root of every business transaction and process is in danger. From presidents executing executive orders on cybersecurity to data breaches that could cost businesses millions of dollars, the software responsible for handling today’s critical information is the main target for cyberattacks.

Software engineers can make security an integral aspect of their development. However, they should be properly trained and equipped. In an earlier Twitter Space conversation, New Relic’s Harry Kimpel & Frank Dornberger discussed the importance of establishing the mindset of security that goes beyond vulnerability to applications to include integrity of the application and system reliability.

It’s essential to make clear that security is an integral aspect of the SDLC from requirements development to the release and testing. It’s also beneficial to utilize a well-tested framework like the NIST Secure Software Design Framework (SSDF) to bring structure and the sameness of your team’s efforts and ensure that they adhere to best practices.

Using popular, well-maintained frameworks and libraries can limit your software’s attack surface, as they’re likely be patched regularly. Similarly, ensuring that all third-party components are reviewed for security issues and compliance with your company’s guidelines can be beneficial. To gain a better understanding of the potential risks associated with open source components, it’s recommended to keep an inventory, or software bill of material, that includes all of your components.

Ultimately, the most effective security is incorporated into the team’s daily work practices and the culture. Promoting a positive, collaborative work rootsinnewspapers.com/best-way-to-conduct-board-resolution-is-by-using-online-board-portals environment, encouraging team satisfaction, and increasing cross-team communication could help to create more secure, better sustainable software security.