Posted: October 18, 2023

Top Antivirus For Android

Android users will want to safeguard their devices from hacks, malware and other threats that can compromise your security and privacy. The majority of Android devices have built-in malware protection, however these apps are usually not enough to protect your smartphone or tablets. The best Android antivirus can offer additional security features like an VPN or password manager, as well as anti-theft. Many of these offer a free trial to test them, or cost-effective premium plans that come with a range of features to provide the most effective security.

Malwarebytes Security is a perfect example of a premium choice that goes far beyond the basic requirements of malware scanning. The mobile app is able to protect users from viruses and phishing links, and also comes with a privacy audit feature which looks for apps that track your movements. It also detects the presence of a phishing site and warn you about dangerous Wi-Fi networks. The app is free but does come with advertisements. A monthly or annual premium plan is also available.

Norton Mobile Security is another great option. It provides a broad range of premium features at a reasonable price. Its mobile application identifies harmful applications and allows you to block these, plus it searches for apps that are already in use to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited to steal your personal data or install advertising software. It can also track and lock a lost smartphone and remotely wipe the contents and detect suspicious Wi-Fi networks.